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Small job design help.

On-demand graphic design service.

You will Design Tasker if you are…


No job is too small for DesignTasker. We take care of all small design jobs that every business has to deal with. Treat us as your very own design team, which is there only when you need it.



We help non-design companies manage their existing marketing assets, design and develop materials for new marketing campaigns, ensuring the consistency of a company’s visual identity.



When keeping the pace and shipping fast is especially important, DesignTasker acts like a perfect addition to your main team. Delegate without any troubles of hiring a new team member.

Body Bureau


Have an ability to grow your team rapidly and expand your capacity by outsoucing to DesignTasker. Reasonably allocate your existing creative resources to ahere to project budget and time frame.



Increase your income by carefully choosing projects and tasks you work on. Make time for your best creative work and deliver projects on time. Leave your busy work to DesignTasker.

Pink Piranha


Flawlessly incorporate DesignTasker in your workflow and have a large volume of technical design work delivered within the provided time frame and guidelines, in accordance with quality standards.

Gluk Media

How Design Tasker works


Tell us what you need

Describe the task at hand and upload any related materials. For efficient communication please provide as much detail as possible.


Revise the deliverables

When you receive the files, review them and, if required, request a revision. Adjustments are made until you are happy with the results.


Approve final results

When satisfied, approve the design and download prepared source files. Additional formats can be provided upon your request.

Small design jobs and more…


  • Artwork customization
  • Image clipping
  • Vectorization
  • Digital retouching
  • Photo manipulation
  • Color correction


  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Presentation design
  • Brochure design
  • Character design
  • Illustration


  • UI design
  • Landing page design
  • Layout correction
  • Content updates
  • Icon design
  • Banner design

Can’t find the exact service you’re after? Let us know.

Why use Design Tasker?

Your future go-to hub for getting all your small design jobs done.

Quick turnaround

Get your small design jobs done swiftly. Outsource your small design tasks and deliver your projects on time.

Always at hand

Rather than hiring a full-timer, have your very own remote design team in no time and pay per project only.

Result oriented

We guarantee 100% satisfaction and will always make required design tweaks and adjustments free of charge.

One stop shop

Instead of dealing with many contractors work with a pool of dedicated and vetted designers.

Personal attention

If any questions or problems arise, we’re here to help or suggest a solution. We treat every project as our own.


We respect your privacy and never disclose any personal or project details to anyone without your consent.

Great feedback from Great clients

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We've been working with DesignTasker for many years now and have successfully implemented a large number of marketing and in-house projects with their help.

We are more than happy with their ideas, work quality and reasonable pricing, and we feel completely confident in recommending them to anyone who is looking for a creative partner to help with design and web development projects.


Marketing Projects Manager @ Staticus | LinkedIn

We've been working with DesignTasker for more than 3 years now and they have helped us with countless projects, prototypes and presentations.

It's their dedication to the work they do that makes them really stand out. Completing a variety of tasks, they helped us sail through many client projects and made it with professionalism and seeming ease. I'm sure our collaboration will continue for a long time as we are happy to work with the team of professionals who consistently deliver outstanding results in a timely manner.

I highly recommend DesignTasker to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient contractor to enhance their business capacity.


Co-founder @ Gluk Media | LinkedIn

When you are under the pump with projects and deadlines are looming it’s good to know DesignTasker team is at hand. I find them extremely easy to get along with, prompt and very efficient.

If you take the time to explain clearly what your requirements are, they interpret perfectly and will hit the nail on the head every time with a relative ease at an affordable price. They help to ease the stress of a deadline oriented industry and make my working life easier.

I cannot recommend their services highly enough, they are fantastic and in my opinion you can’t go wrong.


Principal Designer @ Pink Piranha | LinkedIn

Dmitry from DesignTasker has been a joy to work with. His extraordinary intuition for design has been instrumental in bringing our ideas to life in a way that exceeds all expectations. His experience in the inspirational and educational media sphere has been a tremendous boon in helping us to develop visually stunning designs that maximize the impact of our messages. He is also an excellent communicator — always prompt, precise, and pithy. All in all, I would recommend Dmitry to anyone without hesitation. He's a gem.

Martijn Schirp

Co-founder @ High Existence

DesignTasker has helped us on a number of smaller design related tasks and has always done them very quickly, at a great rate and they go the extra mile to make sure as a customer, I am happy with the final product. They go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the job is done right and I get what I need even if there is an extra revision.

I will definitely be using them again.


CEO @ Spiral Scout | LinkedIn

As an agency with ebbs and flows in our workload, having an outside resource I can trust for quality and speed is crucial to our success. DesignTasker is a true partner.

We have worked with DT for over 4 years and have nothing but good things to say. Their quick turnaround and quality offering provides an extension to our business we depend on regularly. The seamless process from beginning to end gives me confidence on a job, just as someone I would interface with on my in-office team.

I highly recommend them.


Digital Art Director @ BLVR | LinkedIn

I've worked with DesignTasker on a few of our client projects. All work was delivered on time and we got more projects from the client.

Their designer was always in touch and I was able to ask him questions or give some additional information on tasks. This allowed us to move fast and deliver on time despite the changes in the project.

I've been working with front-end developers at the same time and there were no conflicts or situations of even slightest misunderstanding between two teams. Everything went just fine and I'm using DesignTasker again.


Project Manager @ Whitescape | LinkedIn

It is a pleasure to work with DesignTasker team. There's nothing better than designers, who listen closely to clients' needs. Quality and creative approach towards design.

It's a comfort to work with such designers!


Art Director @ Gluk Media | LinkedIn

I've been working with DesignTasker for over a year. Despite my often vague and "don't really know what I want" specifications they manage to understand what the project needs and deliver on time every time. Whether it's a landing page, a small GUI detail, or a complete WordPress plugin, their team has successfully followed through each time with the same quality regardless of the project size.

If you're a programmer who can't draw two parallel lines to save his life, you'll be delighted with their skills and the value DesignTasker can add to your projects.

Investing in design has particularly payed off in optimizing checkout pages. Our conversion rates have increased by 120% just by changing two images they redesigned!

Gordan Orlic

Founder @ Web Factory Ltd | LinkedIn

DesignTasker team has been an invaluable resource for us and help us extend the capabilities of MAMUS. They consistently exceed our expectations in every requirement that is put forth, whether creatively or timing, or both. We consider DesignTasker designers to be part of the MAMUS team.

Reliable, outstanding, cool.


Chief Creative Emerita @ MAMUS | LinkedIn

We turn to DesignTasker whenever we need help with graphic or web design. We don't have a designer in our staff and aren't planning to hire one because DesignTasker became our creative partner from the very first project they helped us with.

The results we achieve every time are of highest quality, delivered in efficient manner, and most importantly, all the necessary adjustments are made until we remain 100% satisfied.

I highly recommend DesignTasker for those who value supportive and attentive customer service and expect nothing but high quality work.


Co-founder @ Baltic Escape | LinkedIn

I really like the fast response to our tasks and the high skill in technical design. In fact, Designtasker at any time is able to extend the performance of our team and I can be sure that our general quality standards will be kept.

I recommend Designtasker and personally Dmitry as a reliable partner who you can count on.

Everyone in creative industry knows that any project goes through a large amount of iterations and I like their constructive reaction to corrections and problems in realization until we have an ideal result!


Creative Director @ OKC.SERVICE

It was a pleasure to work with DesignTasker team. We needed a new mascot to be created for our brand for parents and families. I had very specific requirements and was pleased by their ability to follow my creative direction. I'm happy with the quality of the results we achieved and definitely recommend DesignTasker for your graphic design needs.

Great job! Thanks for assisting us with a new look!

Vesta Schneider

Individual & Family Services | LinkedIn

I've been working with DesignTasker on a wide range of design projects and tasks for a quite a long time now. They have helped us with branding, product design, marketing and countless daily small design jobs. They have a good feeling for hints and ideas given, and have their own suggestions as well. Another very important reason why I love working with them is every task is completed in time.

I also like their style, precision and aesthetics.


Managing Director @ Rawjus

Over the past 4 years I've worked with DesignTasker on numerous projects and, in that time, have never had any reason to seek for an alternative provider able to meet my web building and graphic design needs. I find working with them simple and easy, and they understand perfectly what each project needs, something very important in this creative and dynamic field.

My companies have used their services for the past 4 years, and we have always been happy with the quality of services, flexibility, execution time and most importantly, the unique design and precision of the final product delivered for a great price.

They have helped us to save thousands of pounds and have never disappointed. Highly recommended.


Co-founder @ Body Bureau | LinkedIn

We were really happy to discover DesignTasker.

From the early start of working together we could see a great creative potential, that was led together with technical expertise. We see DesignTasker as trustworthy partner in our graphic and web design projects due to their flexibility, willingness to participate in the project in the client's shoes style. This is essential for us, as we believe that professionals should be doing what they do professionally, and people, that are not into that, should be as less directing as possible.

We are happy, that we can trust DesignTasker decisions, as we might not be seeing all the possibilities from our own perspective.


Sales Manager @ Smile Group | LinkedIn

It really feels like they are reading my mind. Working with DesignTasker is always a pleasure.

Their punctuality surprises me every time. Yet, their efficiency is not the main reason why I love working with them. When I submit a task and wait for the delivery, there's always this feeling of assurance. I always know they will responsibly approach the project and will deliver quality results.


Founder @ DevMotion | LinkedIn

We first started working with DesignTasker very early on in our design process and found them to be very professional, quick to respond and proactive, often coming up with impressive solutions and exceeding our expectations.

Despite the challenge of a continuously evolving project, they responded by building exactly what we wanted, and with a great ease. We constantly requested changes and tweaks to be made, which they duly performed, and I was often left pleasantly surprised with the speed at which they worked.

Their advice and guidance has also been priceless, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again on our next project.


Business Development @ International Medical Care

We have been dealing with DesignTasker for a few years now and they have become an integral part of our business. We can send them files, or a description of our project, and it comes back quickly and revisions are never a problem. Our projects include designing brochures, drawing vector graphics, image manipulation and presentations. All are done with professionalism and cooperation.

We have found an asset that has streamlined our business and can't recommend them highly enough.


Marketing Director @ Mistafog | LinkedIn

Thank you for helping us fill a gap we have for design and web development issues and being so readily available.

We are extremely satisfied with all our websites that DesignTasker helped us with. We were quite specific on how we wanted them to look and found that designer was very responsive and fully understood all our requests. I would have no hesitation in highly and unreservedly recommending their capabilities for putting together what you request, and also adding their own experience and design expertise.

It's just as easy to send any small design tasks to Lithuania as it is to send them to someone in the UK. This proves to be a more competitive and satisfactory solution for our requirements.


Managing Director @ Baltic Projects | LinkedIn

We've worked with DesignTasker on our website update.

To be concise, I'll describe their work with three important qualities that stood out for me - a quick delivery, a timely response and a high quality result. This is quite amazing. To get this trio is quite difficult.

I also liked that they answered every question with attention and offered a suggestion when it was needed. Well done!


Managing Director @ Baltic Solutions Transport | LinkedIn

Design Tasker clients & partners